How to use

Place the coffee filter back to its compostable packaging. Time to hit the trails! Best coffee for backpacking adventures in Canada.
1. Remove the filter
Remove the pour over coffee packet from the packaging

Open the drip coffee filter at the tear line. Place it over your camping mug.
2. Open the filter
Tear open the filter

Placing outdoor coffee on the Canadian enamel camping mug
3. Place it over your mug
Place the coffee filter over your camping cup using the extendable anchors

Pouring hot water over the coffee grounds. Pacific Packers Coffee is best when hiking or camping in Canada!
4. Pour your hot water
Carefully pour 8-12 oz (237-355ml) of hot water over the coffee grounds (ideally 200°F or 93°C)

Our coffee packets feature a ziplock seal for no mess in the nature
5. Zip it up & Enjoy!
Replace the coffee filter into the package, seal it, and chuck it in your pack. Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee!

Pour Over coffee for kayaking and hunting trips in the great Canadian Outdoors. Made in Vancouver, BC.