Our story

In love with the natural beauty, crisp mountain air, and the never-ending call for adventure, our passion for the Pacific Northwest runs deep.

It was by "covidcidence" that Pacific Packers Coffee was born. In the spring of 2020, when all the sporting goods stores were still closed and online products were sold out due to Covid-19, our longest ever multi-day hike was rapidly approaching. We were writing down our "must-haves" for the trip and you can bet that coffee was on the top of our list but we craved the simplicity and packability of freshly brewed coffee.

Pour over coffee for anywhere you wander in Canadian Outdoors

After extensive testing, Pacific Packers Coffee is our sustainable and 100% compostable solution. Each resealable pouch is pre-filled with 10 grams of the highest quality Canadian roasted coffee, effortlessly bringing the taste of home brewed coffee to the outdoors.

The best part? The resealable package makes it easy to pack out and hit the trails – leaving no trace behind with no sacrifice on taste.

Canadian camping pour over coffee for you outdoor adventures

We are proud to be a Canadian single-use pour over coffee provider to keep our outdoor (and coffee) loving friends fueled.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged in Vancouver, British Columbia and we are so lucky to be surrounded by all the beauty the Pacific Coast has to offer.


Camping pour over coffee Canada


We’ll See You in the Wild!